Digital dosing optimisation for improved productivity

Aluminium die casting business, Alupress, is piloting a new data-driven solution to optimize metal supply for its dosing furnaces

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Save your energy: you’ve found the furnaces you need

StrikoWestofen metal melting, transfer and dosing furnaces for the global light metal casting industry all share one thing in common. They will save you energy.

We mean this quite literally – StrikoWestofen’s highly-sustainable solutions consume less energy and resources, generate fewer emissions and radically reduce waste. We also mean you won’t have to waste energy and effort worrying about process efficiency and productivity. Our technologies maximise your metal yield, optimize melt quality and help cut your costs per casting to increase profits, all while seamlessly integrating with your specific foundry equipment and set-up.

In summary, we’ve put over 60 years’ worth of foundry experience into developing a range of furnaces, technologies, digital innovations and support services that make your world better.

The Complete Aluminium Foundry

Intelligently integrated machinery for aluminium die casting to deliver ultimate productivity and quality, with the lowest possible resource use – from melting to casting.

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